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Online Dating Tip #2

Don't rush into things

You wouldn’t rush into buying a really expensive dress or plasma television without first giving it some (or at least a little) consideration. So don’t rush into meeting up with someone you have met online. Sure, you may seem to get along exceptionally well, but take the time, and opportunity to get to know whoever your interested in.

A majority of daters have to actually date someone in order to get to know them. With Internet / online dating, you can do all the get-to-knowing (or a fair bit of it) before the date. At least you’ll know you can have a good conversation without those embarrassing silent gaps when you run out of bits and pieces to talk about.

Keep in mind if the person you’re interested in is not willing to get to know you first, or tries to pressure you into meeting straight away, then they probably aren’t worth meeting up with in the first place. Trust your instincts and do what makes you feel comfortable.

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