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Online Dating Article Tip #7 - Courtesy

Common Courtesy

Understandably, not everyone you come across on these dating sites will rub you the right way. There will probably be lots of people you won’t have things in common with. Or there’s even a possibility that you don’t find them attractive (be honest, how a person looks is important to you). That’s alright. Although keep in mind that you really shouldn’t judge someone just on how they look.

However, if you’re not interested, its just manners to let them know where they stand. You don’t want to lead someone else on. Maybe you can’t see any sparks building but you enjoy chatting to them. No one said you can’t be friends. Internet dating can also be a good source of friendships.

Even if you don’t find someone overly attractive or interesting, give him or her a change. You may change your mind about them. But if you really don’t want to hear from someone, just say so. While most people will get the idea if you ignore them, keep in mind you’d probably rather not be ignored yourself.

But if that does happen, assume that whoever it is isn’t interested and move on. Don’t keep sending messages/flirts/smiles/winks/etc. There’s a word for that: stalker. And if you’re at the receiving end of all this unwanted attention, you can always make a complaint with the site administrator. 

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